Studio Ferrando

The Ferrando Law Firm was founded in 2004 by a young lawyer.

The aim of the Law Firm is to comply accurately every client’s request and to provide a qualified and accurate legal aid for the prevention and the proper solution of legal proceedings involving private people and companies, ensuring the best relation between legal analysis and tangible results in various disciplines of law.

The legal advice aims first of all at giving the client the appropriate approch to existing proceedings and at favouring their most appropriate solution (legal action or negotiated settlement). We even try to prevent future disputes, organizing in the best way every possible relationship with the other parties.

Before undertaking any legal activity (whether extrajudicial or judicial) we provide a preventive analysis of client’s situation and we indicate of the possible legal costs and the probable solution of a dispute. In the legal advice we pursue the client’s interest, trying to avoid unnecessary legal costs.

The Law Firm is in constant connection with detective agencies that allows an accurate identification and location of the counterparty and the preventive analysis of its financial situation, in order to guarantee a profitable conclusion of a successful legal dispute (that would bring no tangible result if the counterparty’s financial estate is insufficient).

For its activity the Law Firm uses the most innovative information systems and managment operating software. We carry out researches and professional updating on specialized juridical databases; we even provide online legal advice services and we guarantee secrecy and inviolability through the most reliable information security systems.

Furthermore we established a close relationship with a wide national network of legal professionals that allows us to bring legal actions all over Italy at fixed costs.