Studio Ferrando

Food law

The Law firm can offer sound advice in this matter very diverse and complex, having acquired specific skills thanks to the assistance given to leading companies in the sector and deepening dogmatic through attendance at short master's degree in university and postgraduate courses at the University of Udine.

Insurance and Accident Law

The Law Firm can count on a deep knowledge in insurance law and follows matters related to road accidents. We offer assistance for an extrajudicial solution of accidents and we support our clients in judicial actions, when claiming for damages as a consequence of road accidents. The Law Firm is even specialized in the judicial appeal against prosecutions for road traffic offence.

Civil Liability

The Law Firm is specialized in civil liability proceedings arising from the breach of contracts or from illegal behaviours of one party that might cause financial or physical damages to the client. The Law Firm concentrates its practice especially in medical malpractice defence.

Recovery of Debt

The Law Firm provides both private people and companies a quick judicial recovery of debt by bringing order for payment proceedings nationwide and internationally as well.

Lease and condominium

The Law Firm deals with the drafting of lease contracts (occupancy contracts and commercial lease) and takes the legal action for example for eviction due to lease expiration or to non-payment of rent. We provide legal advice even to find the most appropriate solution of condominium matters.

Bankruptcy Law

The Law Firm deals steady and successfully with bankruptcy law. We pursue the interests of creditors against the parties subject to bankruptcy proceeding, lodging the proof of debt. We provide assistance and consulting to bankruptcy trustee.

Debt Law

Through executive actions (distraint and forced sale or the allotment to the debtor estate) the Law Firm really defends the client’s rights, giving a tangible result to a successful judicial proceeding. We pursue the clients interest through the analysis of the debtor’s financial situation. We are in constant connection with professionals who can initiate proceedings even out of the region.

Family Law

Family law is a delicate matter: the application of law involves even feeling s and sufferings. The Law Firm acts prudently and first of all tries to provide a resolution of conflicts in amicable settlement, in order to avoid worsening the contrasts between the parties. Of course, if the counterparty does not agree upon an amicable settlement, we birng the necessary legal actions to safeguard our client’s interests.

Hereditary succession

The Law Firm can count on a profound knowledge on matters related to hereditary succession. We provide assistance in the interpretation of provision for the devolution of property not disposed of by will and in the determination of the will validity and of the satisfaction of legal requirements. If the testamentary provisions prejudice our client’s claims we initiate legal proceeding.

Criminal Law

The Law Firm Ferrando does not deal directly with legal representation in criminal proceedings, but they provide a general legal advice about the possible criminal implications for the clients and if necessary they refer the clients to qualified colleagues that are specialized in this practice. In criminal trials we bring civil actions for damages due to the criminal behaviour of the other party.