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Dear client,

Law Firm Ferrando makes available an online legal advice service that is provided under the following conditions.

You can send your question by mail, and possibly attach a scanned copy, to the following address:

You will be asked to fill out a form with your personal and fiscal data, for your registration and our possible invoice, and asked to read and accept our privacy policy.

Within 24 hours from your request, we will provide you with a first response, at no charge, clarifying whether the issue is within our competence and whether it is possible to complete the online procedure. In case it is preferable a personal meeting at the law firm, because the complexity of the issue, we will indicate any appointment cost.

If it is possible to finalise the online advice service and you decide to appoint the Law Firm Ferrando, the procedure will be completed by sending the legal opinion to your e-mail address no later than 5 business days after payment has been received.

The service fee is € 75.00, including legal charges (€ 51.40 for compensation, € 7.71 per lump sum refund, € 2.36 for CPA tax and € 13.53 for VAT). You will be asked to pay a deposit of € 25.00 while the balance will be paid after issuing the opinion, accompanied by the respective pro forma note.

In case you do not pay within 2 working days from confirmation, the opinion will not be sent. In this case, your data will be deleted in compliance with privacy legislation.

I remind you that the online legal opinion will be concise and we will draw a rough assessment of the case. Any further information that you may consider useful has to be agreed with the Law Firm Ferrando, which will indicate any necessary activities and related costs.

To proceed with the request you must accept the terms and conditions mentioned above relating to the online advice service provided by Law Firm Ferrando.

Best regards

Francesco Ferrando

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